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Resistor Load Banks Photos
Power Resistors Photos
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Resistive Load Banks 



  • 3 phase Adjustable Load Banks RB3A : up to 2000KW

  • 3 Phase Resistive Reactive Load Banks RLB3A : up to 600KVA

  • High Current Adjustable Load Banks RB : support up to thousands Amperes

  • Resistive Load Boxes / Portable Resistance Load Banks RB / PRB - 1KW - 30KW

  • Fixed Resistance Power Load Banks RB - power range : 25KW - 2000KW

  • Dynamic Brake Load Boxes : DB support up to 60kW

  • Adjustable Power Load Banks RBA :  up to 2000kW

  • Power Slide Rheostat Load Banks DSR-WB up to 50kW, continuous Resistance adjustment

  • Heavy Duty Rheostat Load Banks FVRB : up to 300W - 5kW

  • Heavy Duty 3-Phase Slide Rheostats Load Banks DSR3-WB : up to 60kW

  • Battery Discharge Load banks RBD : up to 2000A

  • Custom designed Load Banks RBC : according to customer's circuitry or application need

  • Multi-Channels burn-in Test Load Banks RBC : according to customer's application need

  • Multi-Channels Rheostat Load Banks FVRB : according to customer's application need

  • Rack Mount Load Banks : support both AC and DC applications

  • Open Frame Power Resistors Stand : Power and Resistance are made according to Customer's need

  • Support both AC Load Banks and DC Load Banks

  • Support Manual Control via load bank Local Control Panel

  • Support Remote Control via a Control Box which can be connected to and control the load bank

  • Support Computer Control via PLC Computer Interface

  • Support load data output

  • Support Indoor / Outdoor application

  • Support Rack-mount / Wall-mount / Floor-mount / Bench-Top / Castors type Load Banks

  • Support Binding Posts / Busbars / Cam Lock connectors

  • Protection Design options :

  • i) Thermal Warning

  • ii) Thermal Protection with Load Power auto cut and Warning design

  • iii) Over-Current protection

  • iv) Emergency STOP Button

  • v) Cooling System is interlocked with load system to ensure cooling fans are ON before loading the loads

  • vi) Cooling Fans System Air Flow monitor with auto protection design : auto Load Power cut

  • Options :

    - support Power, Current or Resistance value adjustment

    - support very low and high ohmic resistance

    - for 3-Phase AC Load Bank, we support both Power Factor 1, 0.8 and the others

    - for DC High Load Current application, please tell Load Voltage and Load Current.

      For adjustable requirement, please send more details for a suggestion.

    - can handle up to 3000A and high voltage requirement

    - Voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattage Frequency, Power Factor meter options - digital / analog

    - Cooling System support Cooling Fans and Water Cooling

    - Main Switch - with lamp indicator for the Load Bank and Cooling system

    - Load Power ON indicator

    - plastic castors ( so that Cabinet can be moved around )

  • sizes can be made according to customer's requirement

  • for continuous Resistance value adjustment is needed, please refer to FVRB and DSR-WB series

  • for Load Bank Power not listed below, please contact us for details

  • Click here for more Load Banks and Load Boxes photos.

  • Our load banks can be engineered to meet customer's application requirement.

  • Prompt Delivery, within 1 - 4 weeks! e-mail us for pricing.

  • below are some of our resistance Load Banks and ranges.

We provide one year quality guarantee for all our Load Banks and Load Boxes.

Provided that the Load Banks and Load Boxes are used within the agreed design specification.


Portable Resistance Load Banks - PRB

Rated Power L +/-5mm D +/-5mm H +/-5mm
2KW 380 200 210
5KW 500 290 210
6KW 590 290 210
8KW 590 400 210
10KW 680 400 210
12KW 680 400 210
15KW 680 500 210

Load Bank sizes might be vary depend on resistance and load current.

Resistive Load Banks / Resistive Cabinets - RB


Rated Power High H mm Weight
25KW 850 60Kg
37KW 1100 70Kg
50KW 1350 80Kg
60KW 1600 90Kg
70KW 1600 100Kg
100KW 1820 110kg

Load Bank sizes might be vary depend on resistance and load current.        

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