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Thermal Power Resistors HER-U / HER

  • Application :

  • Load Banks, Variable Frequency Drives, Dynamic Braking, Heating Resistors, Snubber circuits

  • Excellent for both Continuous Energy Dissipation and Pulse Energy dissipation applications

  • Resistive element is protected by external Stainless Steel Tube with fins. The pins increase the resistor surface area.

  • This design is good for thermal energy dissipation and heat convection

  • Strong Stainless Steel Resistor body provides good resistance to mechanical vibration, humidity and increase the resistor reliability.

  • Resistor body is water resistance, however the resistor terminals cannot contact with water

  • HER-U : 500W - 6000W

  • HER : 200 - 1000W

  • Low temperature coefficient

  • Resistance value can be made according to customer's requirement

  • Maximum current up to 30A per resistor

  • Resistor size might be changed according to different resistance value and load current requirement

  • Accept small, large quantity orders and Credit Cards

  • Prompt Delivery within 7 ~ 14 days

  • e-mail us for pricing.

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