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Open Helical Coil Wound Power Resistor FDL
pring Cooled Wound Resistor

  • Open Helical Coil Wound Power Resistor also know as Spring Cooled Wound Resistor

  • Applications :  

  • Variable Frequency Drives, Frequency Converter Drives, Server, Motion Controls

  • High Pulse Energy Absorptions
  • Load Banks
  • Overhead Crane, Hoist Forklifts Control Systems

  • Electric Lift Trucks

  • Mine Locomotives

  • Neutral Grounding of Transformers and Generators

  • Elevator Controls

  • Medium Current Dissipations and Limitating

  • Dynamic Braking Resistors

  • Discharge Resistors

  • Snubber Resistors in power snubber circuits

  • Heaters and Thermal Heating Elements

  • Crowbar Circuits

  • Characteristics :

  • This series Open Helical Coil Wound Resistors has a resistance coil and winds around the ceramic substrate.

  • The design increases the airflow across the resistance coil, and stabilize resistive Coil temperature, and increase the rate of energy dissipation.

  • Power range : 500W to 4000W

  • Suitable for both Continuous Load Duty and Short Pulse Energy dissipation applications

  • Withstand Severe short-time overload : 5 x rated Wattage 10 seconds

  • Support multi-Resistances per resistor

  • Support adjustable resistance requirement with a ring Terminal

  • Support mounting fixture and enclosure requirement

  • Resistor size might vary depending on the resistance value and load current ratings

  • We supports various Open Helical Coil Wound Power Resistors for different industrial applications. Different applications can have a very different resistor electrical and mechanical parameters.

  • Accept small, large quantity orders and PayPal

  • Prompt Delivery within 7 ~ 14 days

  • e-mail us for pricing.

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