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Power Resistors Photos
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Power Resistors photos :

1) High Current 20kW Adjustable Power Resistor DSR-F series

2) Vitreous Enamel Power Wire wound Resistor DVQR-F series

Tandem mounted Rheostat 2kW

3) Tandem mounted Rheostat

FVR 2kW series

4) Customized Power Resisto 5) Customized High Power Resistor DDR-F series

6) High Current Power Resistor DDR-F series

Corrugated Ribbon Power Resistor 140W 0.15ohm

7) Adjustable Power Resistor

DSR-F series

8) Corrugated Ribbon Power Resistor 140W 0.15ohm J DQR series

9) High Voltage Resistors

DHVR series

High Voltage Resistor 1kW
10) High Voltage Pulse Power Resistors DHVRC series 11) High Voltage Pulse Current Power Resistors DHVRC series

12) High Voltage Resistors

in series

Snubber Resistors Braking Resistor Dual Resistance 500W 2 ohms x2
13) Aluminum Housed Resistors AHR series

14) Braking Resistor 16kW x 45 ohms

15) Braking Resistor with Dual resistance 500W 2ohm x2

Braking Resistor with built-in thermal protection
16) Braking Resistor 4kW IP65 for water resistant & outdoor application 17) Brake Resistor 5kW Low Inductance with Busbar Terminals ASZN series 18) Braking Resistor with built-in Thermostat

19) Low Profile Metal Clad Resistor

ASQM series

20) Braking Resistor 2kW x 5 10kW

ASZA series

21) Braking Resistor 2kW x 4 8kW

ASZA series

Edge Wound Resistor 1kW
22) Edge Wound Power Resistor 1000W EWR series 23) Edge Wound Power Resistor 1800W EWR series

24) Open Helical Wire Wound Power Resistor 1000W FDL series

Power range 150W - 5000W

Shunt Resistor 1000A
25) Load Bank Resistor / Thermal Power Resistor 100W - 2kW HER-U series 26) Stainless Steel Grid Resistor 6000W SSG series 27) Customized Shunt Resistor support up to 1000A SR series
28) Customized Coil Resistor with power up to 300W

29) Power Resistor - Wheel Adjust

DSR-W series

30) Adjustable Power Resistor - Wheel 20kW DSR-W series

31) Adjustable Power Resistor with Hand Holder. DSR-H series

32) Adjustable Power Resistors with Hand Holder. DSR-H series  




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