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Order and Payment

Most of our Resistors can be delivered within 2~9 days !

Order and Payment Procedure is simple and can be done within a few minutes.

- Please tell the kind of Resistor Power, Resistance and Quantity that you need.

- For Pulse Voltage or High Voltage application, if possible, please tell the Voltage, pulse width, duty cycle, how many pulses per second or minute and loading time.
- We accept both large and small quantity orders.

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Our Team and our worldwide sole agent HKFC Industrial Pty Ltd look forward to offering our Resistors and Service to you and your company.
HKFC Industrial Pty Ltd keens to help customers to lower their resistor cost and provide better services.

Worldwide Sole Agent :
Company : HKFC Industrial Pty Ltd.
Website : https://www.hkfc-industrial.com/
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