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Order and Payment

Power Resistors Enquiry, Order and payment procedures :

1. Enquiry :
- Please state the required Resistor Power, Resistance and Quantity.

- For the same Rated Resistor Power, the Loading Current due to different Resistance value can be very large, especially for small resistance value. Different resistance wire or even heavy duty resistance strips are needed to deal with the loading current.
- We accept both bulk and small quantity orders.

- For Surge Load Power which is larger than the Rated Resistor Power, please tell the actual working conditions like peak / surge voltage range, duty cycle, pulse width, pulse repetition rate or number of pulses per second or minute, loading time and resistance value. We need those to cope with the extra loading current and the accumulated heat during the pulses.

Your detailed conditions can help us to offer suitable power load for your application.

- Power Resistor Specification can be downloaded 

- For Power Resistor Application and Selection, please refer to Application Note.

- Our Sales Team and our worldwide sole agent HKFC Industrial Pty Ltd look forward to offering our Resistors and Service to you and your company.
- HKFC Industrial Pty Ltd keens to help customers to lower their resistor cost and provide better services..


2. Ordering :

- simply confirm order by returned e-mail to us or email to HKFC Industrial Pty Ltd with quantity and shipping address


3. Payment Procedure and Options :

3i. Proforma Invoice will be sent base on order details.

     - Our Bank details will be listed in the Proforma Invoice.

     - Customer can settle the payment via Bank Wire Transfer.

3ii. Other Payment Options :

     - L/C : The processing might take a few days to 1 - 2 weeks depending on bank and country.

     - 30% deposit and balance L/C : for amount larger than US$15,000

     - T/T wire transfer : The processing might take 2 - 5 days depending on bank and country.

        If purchase amount is less than US$500.0, customer needs to pay for all the bank charges, including overseas and local bank charges.

     - Credit Card : for total amount US$10.0 - US$500.0

       Payment processing is instantaneously.

       There will be a Credit Card and PayPal handling charge Invoice amount 2.5%.

       For Credit Card payment, we work with www.Paypal.com.au

       We respect customer's privacy. None of our staff will ask for your Credit Card details.

     - Western Union : for total amount US$10.0 - US$2,000.0


       The process can be completed within 10 minutes and don't have any handling charge.

After payment is received, our account or sales colleagues will send payment confirmation and delivery schedule


4. Quality Guarantee :

We provide One Year quality guarantee for all our Load Banks and Load Boxes.

Provided that :

- The Load Banks and Load Boxes are used within the agreed design specification.

- Load Bank failure or damage is related to the design, component quality or manufacturing defects.

- Load Bank is not altered or modified.


When there is failure within the guarantee period and the above conditions are alright, we will arrange the replacement spare part and send to customer for replacement free of charge including the transportation cost.
Customer needs to send us back the failure part for evaluation. We need this to find the cause of failure.

After the One Year Quality Guarantee period, customer can purchase spare parts from us anytime.


5. Shipment :

- We will make shipment within the confirmed schedule.

- Most Power Resistors can be shipped within 2~9 days.

- Load Bank can be shipped within 1~3 weeks.

- When shipment is made, you will receive an invoice, a packing list and a tracking number.

- Invoice and Packing List will be shipped together with the consignment.

See About Us for more information about our company before ordering.

Our Team looks forward to offering our Power Resistors and Service to you and your company. Contact us now.

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